The best security practices when you live in an apartment, pre- and post-collapse

It is important to fortify your home, wherever you live, and apartments are no exception. Apartment prepping comes with its own fair share of drawbacks and benefits. What’s important is that you learn to take advantage of your surroundings. Let the features of your apartment work for you, not against you, in case SHTF. Here are some of the best security techniques you can use for your apartment, before and after a collapse scenario. (h/t to

Apartment prepping techniques before collapse

  1. Reinforce security against unwanted entry. Fortify all possible entrances to your apartment by securing your doors and windows with high quality locks and battery operated alarms. Use longer screws, durable security plates, and shatterproof window film on your windows. Making your home incredibly difficult to enter will help deter any attempts at forced entry.
  2. Have a plan for getting out from the windows. Just because your windows are inaccessible from the outside, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to access them from the inside. In case you need to evacuate due to a fire or some other emergency, you should be able to open your window easily to make a quick getaway. Neglecting this aspect of security is a surefire way to turn your apartment into a death trap. If you live on a high floor, you will also need a safe way to get down. A detachable rope ladder makes for a practical means of escape.
  3. Know your neighbors. Be courteous to your fellow apartment dwellers. Make an effort to befriend and get to know them, if not for the sake of companionship, then for practicality’s sake. This will let you assess them as potential threats if either they or the visitors they bring home are prone to excessive drinking, drug use, or violence. Additionally, you may also find a few people you can learn to trust. They can then become invaluable allies if ever SHTF.
  4. Invest in a good storage system. Maximize your space so that you can stockpile as much food, water, medicine, and other supplies as possible.

Apartment prepping techniques after collapse

  1. Have a bug out plan. Ideally, you should already have a bug out location. Due to the population density of typical apartments, they are hardly the best places to be at when SHTF. Your bug out bag should be ready and packed for when you need to suddenly leave. You can also choose to bug in, but you should only try this if you are sure that you can properly fortify your apartment and live sustainably. (Related: Emergency essentials for apartment preppers: 10 items for your bugout bag.)
  2. Ramp up your self-defense skills. You will need constant training to defend yourself and your family in case looters and thieves try to break in. It might be a good idea to stockpile weapons such as knives and firearms. Aside from this, learn to fight using whatever whatever improvised weapons you may have lying around, such as fire extinguishers.
  3. Become a gray man/woman. The idea is to perfectly blend in with your environment and the people around you. Draw as little attention to yourself as possible. Become just another face in the crowd. Try to match the behavior of those around you. You shouldn’t let anyone find out that are you more prepared than anyone else. Desperate people might try to take advantage of you if they find out. Practice situational awareness so that you can get out of a potentially dangerous scenario without anyone noticing.

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